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NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia

Increasingly the amount of debt America’s college students amass would exceed that of many developing nations. Americans currently owe $1.2 trillion dollars in student debt with each student borrower owing an average of $29,000. Student loan debt has become more than a burden. It’s become a barrier to the American dream. The National Education Association (NEA) the country’s largest organization of teachers is speaking out on the issue of rising college student debt. NEA has launched the Degrees Not Debt campaign aimed at finding solutions to the college affordability crisis. As part of a national Degrees Not Debt Tour, NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia visited Indiana to talk about this critical issue. In an exclusive Afternoons with Amos interview, Garcia, the first Hispanic President of the NEA, talked about the issue and what listeners can do about it. Garcia told Amos and listeners that solutions to the student debt crisis include: Increasing need-based federal aid, like Pell Grants. Allow student borrowers to refinance their loan interest rates in the same way that homeowners can refinance their mortgages. Expand loan forgiveness programs, especially for college graduates working in public service careers like education. NEA President Garcia also talked about some of the pressing issues facing public education in Indiana, including the recent IPS school board elections where some half million in unknown accounted for contributions and spending occurred. Click the Media Player to hear the Afternoons with Amos Exclusive Interview With National Education Association President Lily Eskelsen Garcia. Runs 12 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One. [audio mp3=”″%5D%5B/audio%5D