Faith Dixson heard a recent word from Donnie McClurkin, while on the One Love Gospel Cruise, on faith. His words on Faith and her personal journey on “where to go?” in her career prompted a great word of wisdom about the enemy and the aspect of soul, but no spirit in music in the video […]

Donnie McClurkin, stopped in for a special Praise Unplugged with Faith Dixson and a great conversation was had about his new music and what he is bringing to the Gospel scene as it stands now.    

With so many things going on in the world today, it’s hard to really see who or what can help us. Todd Dulaney has a thought on the church and it’s potential power to heal these troubling times right now.

Many talk about this “new wave” and style of gospel music that’s taking over the industry right now. Todd talks on his role and his relationships with other artist considered, “New Wave Gospel”

Todd Dulaney gives us Praise Unplugged it’s first live in studio performance, accompanied by his guitar player and back up singers. See the spirit moving performance below!