Roland Martin and NewsOne Now discuss Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's remarks regarding race, policing, and healing the racial divide.

Donald Trump spewed lethal rhetoric at Monday night's debate, echoing disparaging statements about the Black community and President Barack Obama.

New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill revealed investigators will probe family, friends, social media, and Rahami's whereabouts to piece together the chain of events.

The Republican presidential candidates will go head-to-head again tonight during the third GOP debate. While there are still 10 Republicans looking to become the next president, candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson have been dominating the polls.

Now that President Barack Obama has won a second term, the stories are starting to merge about what was happening behind the scenes in the campaign. The New York Times has published a fascinating behind the scenes account of some crucial moments in the campaign. Including what happened to the President in that first debate?  […]