Watch Roland Martin, Howard Fuller, Nina Rees, guest host Avis Jones-DeWeever, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the charter school versus traditional school debate in the video clip above.


Dr. Karen Thomas, Founder and CEO of Marion P. Thomas Charter School in Newark, New Jersey, and Ana Ponce, Chief Executive Officer of Camino Nuevo Charter Academy in Los Angeles, California spoke with Roland Martin about the benefits of charter schools during Monday's edition of NewsOne Now.


Educator and author Chris Emdin has some practical advice for teachers who want to more effectively teach and reach Black students and has detailed these practices in his new book, "For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood and the Rest of Y'all too: Reality Pedagogy and Urban Education."

Florida defends itself in court for allegedly failing to provide quality education to poor and minority students. The judge could order the legislature to redesign education funding and take other measures to level the field for all students.

A report says NYC's Education Department fails to meet the special education needs of thousands of students. The report blames the city's faulty multi-million-dollar tracking system.


Wednesday Aug. 26 at 11 am ET/10 am CT watch the National Urban League's town hall on the city's schools 10 years after Hurricane Katrina. will livestream the discussion. Don't miss it!


A substitute teacher at a middle school in Prince Georges County, Maryland is being investigated on charges of disciplining students with a belt last week,…

The second year of the Indiana Department of Education’s IREAD reading test for Indiana third graders was a mixed bag for schools and districts with a mixture of incremental gains and declines, mixed in some cases with startling growth and decline. The data was released late Friday, May 10th by the Indiana Department of Education. Overall […]

In her first extended media interview since she shocked the education world, especially education reformers, with her upset victory over Dr. Tony Bennett as Indiana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Glenda Ritz talked about her vision, goals and plans for Indiana’s Public Schools and students.  Appearing on Afternoons with Amos, Ritz talked with Amos and listeners […]

Saying that Indiana’s public schools are spending “too much time teaching to the test” and not time teaching real knowledge to students, Glenda Ritz, Democratic candidate for Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction appeared on Afternoons with Amos, in her first live media interview, with a forceful agenda for Indiana’s schools. Ritz, a longtime teacher in […]

D.C. Public Schools let go of hundreds of teachers today, as part of the policy introduced by former education chancellor Michelle Rhee to let go of low-performing educators. The District on Friday fired some 227 teachers and gave raises and bonuses to more than 600 teachers, based on numbers generated by its controversial teacher evaluation […]

Contrary to the belief that public education is free, schools across the nation are charging students fees for everything from basic courses like English and science, to electives like band and even for after-school sports. The Week magazine goes by the numbers with a brief guide highlighting the trend: $175 Registration fee for students in […]