Episode 2 of 10 Minutes With Teddy And Tina – a discussion of life, love, family and faith. How does your perspective affect your relationship? How can you better reflect the Word in your relationship and your approach to your relationship? source: Teddy & Tina Campbell https://youtu.be/XK-ozPnRKWY

Kirk Franklin & Tammy Franklin open up about misconceptions they had about marriage.

The importance of being friends and communicating effectively with your spouse may seem like cliché marriage advice, especially because you’ve probably heard it lots of times. But Tammy Franklin, who has been married to GRAMMY® winning gospel artist Kirk Franklin for 21 years, says this is not trite advice. It is key to building a […]

Getting your teenagers to share their faith can be a challenge. These ideas will help to spark them to action. 1. Get them to start praying for their unreached peers. When teenagers pray for their lost friends, family members, teammates and classmates it creates room in their hearts for compassion for the unreached (Romans 10:1.) 2. […]

After dual affairs nearly ended the high-profile Christian couple’s union, Tye Tribbett and his wife Shante’ Tribbett, whom he affectionately calls “My Taylah,” are triumphantly celebrating 19 years of marriage. In a new Instagram post, amid the celebration, the GRAMMY® Award-winning gospel singer gets honest about the struggles of making a marriage work. “Love is […]

In this edition of Love Talking, GRIFF explains that he’s hurting because he’s going through a divorce he didn’t want. He asked Iyanla Vanzant about ways to cope and heal himself in the aftermath of this relationship ending. In this touching conversation, Iyanla gives GRIFF both a splash of “cold water” in delivering her answer […]

instagram: Actors Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker met and fell in love when they played lovers on the old Showtime series “Soul Food.” She says, “When Boris walked into our first rehearsal, I thought of him as the really hot guy that got to play my boyfriend in the first couple episodes,” reports YBF. […]

In this Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell & GRIFF are asking listeners whether a joint bank account is a requirement for the financial arrangement for a married couple. People responded with a variety of answers; some people advocated for a joint account, saying that anything otherwise is a negative sign for the relationship. But on […]

In this edition of Faith Walking, GRIFF opens up and so generously shares a story about the challenges him and his father have faced in their relationship to each other. GRIFF says that after his upbringing, he was very angry with his father and did not speak to him for a couple decades. It wasn’t […]

In this edition of the Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell & GRIFF pose the age-old question; who pays on date night, the man or the woman? The modern spin on the answers, however, is pretty astonishing. Many express a belief in a more even split, sometimes a man pays, sometimes a woman pays. The terms […]

  Bet this will make you smile: Israel Houghton recently guest-starred on The Real to dish on how he proposed to his soon-to-be wife,Adrienne Bailon, in Paris. There’s no denying the excitement here. Peep all the smiles and googly eyes as the couple shares details of what made the night so epic. source: gospelgoodies.com

  We all desire to be near our Lord and Savior, but until the day comes when we will get to meet Him face-to-face, we need to draw closer to Him here on earth. So today, I’m bringing you God’s perfect number of tips, 7, to help you stay in His presence! #1 Pray. Psalms […]