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@kwellscomm Entertainment News –  The man who had a wide-reaching impact on American comedy and whose work was beloved across generations, and racial lines, has died. Click the media player below, to learn more about comedic actor, writer, producer Gene Wilder, his on-screen partnerships and illustrious body of work. (WTLC News) Wilder dedicated his […]

It’s been over two weeks since Beyoncé released her surprise visual album Lemonade, and now, tennis star Serena Williams is sharing how she got involved in the project. “I have known the director since I was like nine years old. I know Beyoncé pretty well, so they were like, ‘We would love for you to be […]

Presidential candidate Jim Webb, the former Senator of Virginia, shared his discontent with the Democratic debate.

Moviegoers can expect a powerhouse cast in the Richard Pryor biopic. Among the big star names already announced, Oprah Winfrey and Eddie Murphy recently joined the cast. Oprah is set to play Richard’s grandmother and Eddie will play his father. Mike Epps beat out some big names to play the highly coveted lead role and […]

Jennifer Lee Pryor (pictured), the widow of comedy legend, Richard Pryor (pictured below with shades) was interviewed on the podcast  “Alison Rosen is Your New Best…

Talk show diva and Academy Award-nominated riveting actress, Oprah Winfrey (pictured) has reportedly landed a juicy role in the upcoming much and talked about Lee Daniels-directed biopic…