A state judge ruled that Connecticut underfunds poor schools. The state now has a deadline to overhaul its system.

The Black Lives Matter platform addresses the need for education reform.

Michigan's governor signed into law a $617 million bailout package for Detroit Public Schools. There are many critics of his plan.

Serena Williams will donate funds for supplies in Compton public schools. This is part of the #BestSchoolDay campaign that includes 50 celebrities who are donating to schools through the crowdfunding platform DonorChoose.org.

A modest increase in school funding is in the new budget plan that Republican House and Senate leaders revealed Tuesday night at the Indiana Statehouse, as this current session of the legislature winds down. The roughly $32 billion two-year budget proposal includes $464 million in new school spending, an increase just over two percent. “The […]

There’s still a bunch of major issues that could impact Indianapolis’ African-American community brewing in the final weeks of the Indiana Legislature’s session.  On Afternoons with Amos weekly update from Black legislators, State Representatives Cherrish Pryor and Vanessa Summers updated the community on several key issues. One critical issue, the location of small Small Claims […]

For the past few decades, there’ve been just two Democratic State Senators representing Marion County. And none representing suburban counties.  Could that change in the 2014 election?  J.D. Ford hopes so.  He’s the Democratic candidate in State Senate District 29 and he hopes voters’ concern and anger towards the Republican incumbent Mike Sen. Mike Delph […]

The latest series of live interviews with area school board candidates was a bit unusual and rerefreshing. The candidates for school board in Pike and Wayne Townships exhibited enthusiasm, passion and commitment for public education in their appearances on Afternoons with Amos. The candidates who appeared strongly defended their districts and public education, while bemoaning […]

For the second election in a row, Afternoons with Amos is interviewing candidates for school board in six major Indianapolis/Marion County school districts. Districts with the largest numbers of African-American students. Candidates running in Lawrence, Pike, Warren, Washington, Wayne Townships and the Indianapolis Public Schools will be interviewed in the first three weeks of October. […]

As the Indiana Legislature enters its crucial final two weeks, Afternoons with Amos broadcast live from the State House talking with numerous legislators about issues still left unresolved.  Major issues include how to deal with falling revenues at Indiana’s gambling casinos and horse racing tracks. Whether the State should provide dollars to help pay for […]

Audio Included in Post. Runs 26 Minutes ©2011 WTLC/Radio One. EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Last week, IPS vowed not to enroll students living in IPS neighborhoods who start school at charter schools then transfer back to IPS. To see the scope of this problem, WTLC-AM1310’s Afternoons with Amos program requested official enrollment data from the Indiana Department […]