"I was so invested in the visual storytelling, of wanting to see black men and women in the way that I see them every day, which is powerful but graceful but also vulnerable and also regal and stately."

Whether it was Beyoncé giving us 26 inches of Hawaiian silky or singer Kriss Mincey with the perfect short cut, we have the best hairstyles from the 59th Annual Grammy Awards that are going to have you making a hair appointment pronto.

These celebrities totally kicked 2016's ass.

Her fun evening of electronic dance music went south when two women seated behind her, began yelling and throwing limes.

Saturday July 16, the singer changed her choreography during her Amsterdam, Netherlands concert for her Formation World Tour.

There’s no denying that Solange is a favorite of the fashion industry. She is a mainstay on red carpet best-dressed lists and she racks up spokesperson deals faster than you can blink. But for all the fuss about her spectacular wardrobe, we can’t ignore that her skin is eternally ***Flawless (all Hail those Knowles genes!). […]

Meet Charles Harbison, designer and creative director of HARBISON.