Gabby Douglas has recently received loads of backlash on twitter for absolutely no reason at all.  Critics are voicing their opinions saying she needs to smile more, and even wear her hair differently. Social media can be used for such horrible things like bullying, but it can also be used to spread a little love. […]

In this edition of the Love Talk, Erica Campbell talks about the good men of any age who are husbands, fathers or mentors to young ones out there. GRIFF chimes in with advice to men who are parenting, about what the most valuable thing for a father to give his child is- and it has […]

“The Lying Truth” Stage Play kicks off this weekend at the Westlake Church of God. The play was written and directed by Mike Sweeney Sr. with Three Stories Productions. So, What is your Truth? Have you accepted your Reality? or Have you ignored what God said concerning the matter? Whatever your answer is to those […]

Pastor Donnie McClurkin lost his father the family patriarch, Donald Andy McClurkin, Sr.  His homegoing services will be held this coming Wednesday in Jamaica, NY.  Click here to get more details if you want to send flowers or your support.  

Ok I am saddened to read blogs and articles that are surfacing with nude pictures supposedly of Deitrick Haddon from a relationship he had during his marriage to Damita Haddon. It does seem a little strange that after the episode of Deitrick Haddon and Bishop McClendon’s Man Cave exchange that some old scandal would surface?!????!!!!! […]

In the age of instant information it is imperative that we explain disasters to our children. They need to understand that the world in their own time. Here are a few steps to help you explain natural disasters to your child. 1-Take into account your child’s age and developmental stage. While a toddler may only […]

So many of people are in the grip of the financial crisis or just beginning to recover. Even the worst of times, it is important to remember there is always a ray of hope.   Here is a prayer for Wholeness Blessing – We Are Not Broken We walk in troubled times, But let us not be […]

My mother lost her battle with breast cancer in 1998.  At the time of her battle I know how important my support was for her and for myself. Prayer: ( pray for all those undertaking chemotherapy “chemo.” the use of medicines or drugs to treat disease, that the Lord will work out His perfect will […]

Excerpt from Acts of Faith by Iyanla Vanzant A friend is a person who dislikes the same people you do. – Anonymous Don’t hang out with people who are where you don’t want to be.  Your friends and the environment reflect what you really feel about yourself.  Winners hang out with winners. Losers hang out […]