There’s lots of outrage and concern about the violence that occurred downtown on the Fourth of July.  A 16-year-old young man and young father dead.  Bunch of fights in various spots downtown, around Circle Centre Mall and near the State House and along the Canal.  In our first Afternoons with Amos on line poll, want […]

Things were peaceful Saturday evening at the city and state’s biggest shopping mall Castleton Square. For four hours I walked all around the huge nearly forty year old mall on Indianapolis’ northeast side. The crowds were normal, but far less than the previous Saturday.  But there were hundreds walking, talking, interacting and yes maybe doing […]

The community rose up and offered a variety of suggestions on curbing violence by teens and young adults in Indianapolis.  In a special edition of Afternoons with Amos and at a Town Hall Meeting with top Public Safety officials, City-County Councilors, Judges even the US Attorney, a variety of great suggestions were offered.  Scores shared […]

In a united front, several of the city’s key Black ministerial organizations and associations and coalitions came together to speak out about the the twin problems of youth violence in Indianapolis and the lack of positive activities for the vast majority of the city’s Black law abiding youth. During a special Afternoons with Amos, leaders […]

Another shooting by a teen in outside Circle Centre Mall in downtown Indianapolis, plus fights inside the mall, on a night when downtown was jammed with thousands of persons and families attending events, has caused anger and concern in the community.  IMPD Chief Rick Hite appeared on Afternoons with Amos Monday to update the community […]

Indianapolis Police Chief Paul Ciesielski talked frankly about the March 17th shooting of five teens, aged fourteen to seventeen on the Downtown Canal. Appearing on Afternoons with Amos, Chief Ciesielski updated listeners on the investigation. The Chief also talked about a “new police strategy” of focusing manpower on various crime “hot spots” throughout the city. […]

A video showing a teen punching a homeless man on the Chicago El train has sparked outrage in the online community. See also: Why I Dropped My Bank And Switched To A Credit Union See also: Destinations for Outdoor Lovers The video, which appears to have been shot in April, was posted on the website […]