@kwellscomm PraiseIndy.com News & Sports Good day to you on this Columbus Day–better known by many as Indigenous Peoples Day. There will be no mail delivery today. The Indianapolis Urban League is asking citizens to “turn out for transit” at tonight’s Indianapolis City-County Council meeting. The IUL is encouraging everyone to pack the council chambers and show support for IndyGo. […]

@kwellscomm PraiseIndy.com News & Sports  —  Indianapolis Metro Police are looking for whoever fired dozens of shots at their Northwest District headquarters overnight. IMPD commanders say no one was hurt in this violent event that happened right after midnight. There was damage when those bullets pierced a window.  Investigators say they’re looking for suspects.  The investigation […]

Nate Parker sat down with Anderson Cooper in a prelude to this Sunday's episode of 60 Minutes to discuss the controversy surrounding his alleged rape case in 1999.

The 'Birth of a Nation' actor and director says the 'toxic male culture' aided in his inexperience to properly address the ongoing controversy.


The controversy surrounding Nate Parker’s 2001 sexual assault case just got messier. As if the complex racial politics of Parker’s upcoming film “The Birth Of A Nation” weren’t enough to stoke the flames of the 16-year-old trial, emerging details from the case could put Parker in even hotter water as Fox prepares the awards-season release […]

In the interim, AFI announced they would screen “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back,” director Edward Zwick's latest film. Zwick is also an executive producer of Parker's film.


Roland Martin and his panel of guests discuss the controversy surrounding Parker and the upcoming release of his new film.