Tom Brady will have to serve that four-game suspension for his involvement in Deflategate, after all.


Just when we thought we have heard all we could hear about Deflate-Gate, it’s back!  That’s right, the NFL officially files an appeal over Judge Richard M. Berman’s decision to not suspend Tom Brady for four games. Back in September, the NFL had planned on appealing the decision.  They stated, “We will appeal today’s ruling […]


Colts linebacker, D’Qwell Jackson, intercepted Tom Brady in the second quarter of last year’s AFC Championship game.  I think we all know by now what happened after that play, “deflate-gate.” Jackson kept the ball intended for Rob Gronkowski, where a Colts equipment manager then checked the pressure of the intercepted ball.  From there, the sidelines […]

In breaking sports news at this hour…Tom Brady wins again! This time, the New England Patriots quarterback who is used to winning on the field, has taken on and beaten the NFL. A judge in New York has ruled in Brady’s favor Thursday morning essentially letting the air out of the league’s punishment in the […]


The speculation regarding where President Obama’s library would be constructed has officially come to an end. The Barack Obama Foundation announced yesterday morning that the presidential…

Tom Brady has been suspended the first 4 games of the 2015 NFL season for his role in Deflategate. The NFL just issued a statement saying, “Tom Brady will be suspended without pay for the first four games of the 2015 regular season for conduct detrimental to the integrity of the NFL.” “Brady may participate […]

Luck Heads to the Pro Bowl  For the second consecutive year, Andrew Luck is going to the Pro Bowl.  The Indianapolis Colts quarterback was chosen as an alternate and moved up Sunday. Luck’s Pro Bowl appearance is tied not only to his skillset, but to the advancement of his former Colts “QB” predecessor, Peyton Manning. Manning led the Denver Broncos past New […]

“I don’t really want to talk about it a whole lot, because there’s nothing anyone can solve, other than the team and myself. There are a lot of guys in my situation. So really, I just want to focus on what’s coming up this week. And I’m just excited to be back on the field […]