Paula Deen failed to appear at her scheduled “Today” show interview this morning, where she was supposed to answer questions about her past use of…

CNN’s John King has taken to Twitter to further explain his erroneous report of an arrest in the Boston Marathon bombing. “Source of that description…

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Can you imagine Cedric The Entertainer being a Pastor?  Well he will… *Going boldly after its target audience, TV Land has chosen specific African American websites to preview its “Hot in Cleveland” spinoff “The Soul Man.” As previously reported, the half-hour comedy (formerly called “Have Faith”) stars Cedric the Entertainer as R&B singer Boyce “The […]

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*Will and Jada Smith have proven to the world that being in Hollywood and married is possible. The couple is celebrating Fifteen years together as a strong industry couple. Will says the key to a successful marriage is support. “What’s helped us is being supportive,” the star told People. “No matter what the situation is. […]

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  *Finally the highly anticipated film, “Winnie,” the love story between Nelson and Winnie Mandela, starring  Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard, is on its way to the big screen … eventually. The film is now a featured project of TDJ Enterprises and Independents. “Stories like ‘Winnie’ and ‘A Million Colours’ are important historically and socially. […]


  *Now that the dust has cleared and the family is going on vacation, the bill for Whitney Houston’s funeral has surfaced. According to reports, the final result is $187,000 but billed to the residents of Newark, N.J. Yes, the very public funeral attracted hundreds, if not thousands of fans and service attendees and caused […]

*There are so many angles to view the life and memory of Whitney Houston. The power of her music is undeniable. The message in her many songs will forever be sentimental.  It is an obvious rehashing for someone who could not hide from the constant glare of the spotlight and the relentless probing into her personal life.  Of course the […]