Two people died and several homes have been destroyed after two tornadoes swept through southwest Florida.

Kimberly Tippett, and her son, Kamyrn Cain, were traveling along Interstate 30 in Garland, Texas when the twister crossed the packed highway and struck her vehicle and several others. Tippett, who lived in Plano, is the mother of two daughters who weren't present during the incident.

Amidst all the destruction in Oklahoma yesterday, a miracle happened for Barbara Garcia. Garcia survived the devastating tornado, but thought she had lost her precious dog. While CBS was interviewing her, a miracle happened, her dog walked out from underneath the rubble behind her! Watch the video below!

Here are a few ways to help the tornado victims: – The Salvation Army will have a truck at KFOR-TV taking donations starting 10 a.m. Tuesday. 444 E. Britton Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73114 NO CLOTHES PLEASE Donate: Text “storm” to 80888 to make a $10 donation. – The Red Cross said the best way […]

The mile-wide tornado that has ravaged large swaths of land in the Oklahoma City area continues the cause massive devastation across the region. CNN’s Jake Tapper reported on…

ST. LOUIS —  A powerful tornado ripped through the St. Louis Airport Friday, cutting a 22-mile swath of destruction that tore through Concourse C. It was the area’s most powerful tornado in 44 years, according to the AP. The video below gives some real insight into how intense the St. Louis tornado really was, as […]

As all of you know here in Indiana we are expecting some crazy weather! Windstorm, Thunderstorm, Hail, Tornado! And all though we pray that all of you remain safe and in God’s hands we want to reach out to some of you storm chasers! If you have pictures and or video that you think would […]

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