Pastor Kim Jones Pothier discussed marriage and helping husbands become men of God.

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, he is fired up about the release of another video game, NBA 2K. But he knows that there are a lot of men out there like him who are also excited, and have girlfriends or wives who most certainly will not be. He prays for them to be able […]

Today’s edition of Joy Living goes out to the married folks out there! As Erica Campbell says, sometimes, there are communication gaps that occur in your marriage. She talks about being in a new season with her husband as she travels a lot and has taken on the new responsibility of radio host, and how […]

In this edition of Love Talking, Erica Campbell talks about her wedding day, and the fact that, as big as that day was, it didn’t prepare her for the actual responsibilities of married life. She opens up about the initial hurdles she had to get over in the beginning of their marriage fifteen years ago. […]

In this edition of the Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell asks that sticky question- is it okay to lie? Now, we all know that the answer to that question is no. But the men bring up the point that sometimes they lie to protect their lady’s feelings. We’ve all heard the age old question “do […]

This edition of True Hollywood Bible Stories deals with Proverbs 21:9, which says, “it is better to live on a corner of the roof, than to live with a quarrelsome wife.” Erica Campbell and GRIFF hilariously depict the story of a man who would indeed rather be on the corner of his roof in the […]

Well known singer and pastor Marvin Sapp apparently has an online stalker. What makes this woman unusual is the fact that she claims to be his new wife. The woman has created pages on Facebook under the name “Annisha Sapp” and lists in her personal information “Married to Bishop Marvin Sapp. Chosen by God. Wife, […]

Actor Michael Jace has finally reached the end of his trial and received his prison sentence on Friday.

Erica Campbell talks about being married to her husband for fifteen years, and all of the milestones and obstacles they’ve cleared in that time. She and GRIFF also discuss the misconceptions that we have going into marriage and relationships, and how communication is ultimately the only way to advance past them. They explain having the […]

Grammy nominated artist, James Fortune, pleads guilty to assaulting his wife.  On Tuesday, Fortune accepted a plea deal to a third degree felony charge of assault and family violence. On October of 2014, Fortune allegedly struck his wife with a wooden stool, kicked her, and then threw her against a wall.  Fortune’s wife wrote in […]

Halima Rashid, Jermaine Jackson’s wife, was arrested last Saturday after she bit Jackson’s leg.  Jackson called police when it happened, and Rashid was later arrested on a domestic violence charge. Rashid was released on $50,000 bail, and her court date is set for later this month.  The couple married back in 2004, and Rashid is […]

  Bobby Brown and his wife, Alicia Etheridge-Brown celebrated the new life they’ve been blessed with during a boho baby shower this weekend. All their family and friends attended the event, which was also a birthday party for their 6-year-old son Cassius. The birthday party/baby shower was definitely a fun time for all and a […]