Some feel that the crime rate is rising and situations are getting out of control simply because there is not enough Law Enforcement active and on the streets doing anything about it. The panel answers the question “Does Indianapolis Need More Police Officers?”   Will Mentoring The Youth Do The Job? #YourLifeMattersIndy Amos Brown Leads […]

The age old topic that raises the ire as well as more questions is the “Stop Snitching” code that is in full effect mostly in black communities. Chino delivers very real and honest dialogue on not only the origin of this but, it also speaks to the upbringing of the children who are now the […]

One solution that gets tossed out a lot is mentoring. Some feel that mentors will solve all and have just as much as an effect if not more than actual parents. The panel tackles that and also asks the question, “Is Mentoring alone enough to solve a lot of the issues in present day Indianapolis?” […]

The violence in Indianapolis has seemingly reached an all time high and everyone wants to know, what do we do to curb it? An affected generation provides answers and solutions. Amos Brown compiled a very astute yet youthful panel to tackle the pressing issues in today’s Indianapolis.   IMPD Chief Rick Hite Speaks on Indy’s […]

A big issue in Indianapolis lately has been the school system and all the children in it. The violence seems too high and the education…

Dynamite Deeds is planning on serving the community in a great and positive way. Here’s a little more info on their organization and movement. Ivy…

A new crime prevention plan is being unveiled Tuesday in Indianapolis. This plan was developed by more than 60 local community organizations and invites people to become “violence interrupters.”  Forest Manor Multi-Services Center chief executive officer, Regina Marsh, said community members will be trained to resolve a conflict before violence happens. For more info on the […]

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard joined with Public Safety Director Troy Riggs, Radio One/Indianapolis VP/General Manager Chuck Williams and a wide range of community leaders in adapting Your Life Matters to a major effort by Indianapolis to end the violence and create a plan to help young people make better choices in the city. The effort […]