Wednesday, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department promoted three officers to the permanent rank of Captain and six to the permanent rank of Lieutenant.  None were African-American.

These most recent promotions capped one of the most abysmal years for IMPD minority promotions in years; as IMPD this year promoted twenty-six officers to the top permanent leadership ranks.  And only one African-American!

This year, sixteen officers were promoted to sergeant; six were made Lieutenants and four were promoted to Captain, the IMPD’s highest permanent merit rank. Just one, an African-American was promoted, to Lieutenant in October.

In a city/county estimated to be 27% African-American just 13.3% of the department’s total of 1,644 sworn police officers are African-American (218 out of 1644).

And of those holding the rank of Sergeant, the largest group of supervisors,  just 11.6% (27 out of 232) are African-American.

And in the top command ranks, Lieutenant and above, just twelve African-Americans hold those leadership positions out of a total of 129 – a paltry 9.3%.

The promotion of just one African-American officer to a permanent leadership rank this calendar year could be the worst example of leadership diversity in IMPD in many years. And could spark a fresh series of lawsuits against the department and possible Justice Department sanctions.

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