Pam Grier has written an interesting, engaging autobiography ensuring her place a an elder in her autobiography, “Foxy: My Life In Three Acts”. If you grew up in the 1970’s you remember Pam Grier as the Black Superwoman. In her new autobiography she recalls in vivid detail her life during, before and after those heady days that made her famous. The autobiography takes you through her life in Three Acts.

“The First Act” deals with her ever changing childhood. She grew up in Colorado, the daughter of an Air Force mechanic and a nurse during the height of racial segregation. She discusses with candidness the ugliness of being raped at 6 years old and how it shaped all her relationships. It was her difficulties and frailties that helped her form her strength and identity in these early days that would lead her to roles such as Coffey.

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“The Second Act” is about her time in the blaxplotitation films and her dating escapades in Hollywood with Kareem Abdul Jabar, Freddie Prinze and Richard Pryor. She is honest without being gossipy or malicious about her partners. She tenderly deals with her relationship with Kareem Abdul Jabar and how his choice of religion defined and ended their relationship. The reader is taken for a ride through the drug addled days of Hollywood. She describes being young black and beautiful and looking for work and how she dealt with her professional pursuits. She walks you through the evolution of the Blaxplotitation film so that you have a better idea of why she took these roles.

“The Final Act” discusses the actress’ battle with cancer and how she continued to take her life into her own hands and never allow anyone to tell her how to live.

Ms. Grier writes with an honest forthright voice, expressing little regret for the life she has lived. There is no preaching to you, but words of wisdom are spoken with knowledgeable caution thrown in.

You are inspired by her honesty and accountability that life truly is what you make it. It is most definitely a good read that will keep you entertained for hours. When it comes to more personal topics, like men, Ms. Grier also aims to convey a lesson: a woman needs to love herself more than she loves a relationship.

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