Cue the “has Hollywood officially run out of ideas?” comments now:  “The Bodyguard” is the latest movie to get a big-screen reboot.

The 1992 film — which spawned a best-selling soundtrack that included “I Will Always Love You,” “I’m Every Woman” and “I Have Nothing” — starred Kevin Costner as a Secret Service Agent assigned with protecting a singer (Whitney Houston) from a crazed fan. While safeguarding her body, he also captures her heart.

According to Deadline, the new movie will have a more modern twist. This time around, it’s an Iraq war vet trying to keep the diva out of danger, and thanks to today’s world of Twitter, Google Maps, and TMZ that won’t be easy.

As of yet, no actors are attached to this tuned-up version of “The Bodyguard,” which begs the question: Who would you like to see in the leading roles?

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