2 Samuel 22:3    My God, my Rock, in Him will I take refuge; my Shield and the Horn of my salvation; my Stronghold and my Refuge, my Savior–You save me from violence.

Words of the Day: One Day at a Time

Trails can come like a freight train- one car after another, after another- but eventually the last car passes. when problems seem unceasing, remind yourself, ” This too shall pass.” Deal with one trail at a time in the power of the Holy Ghost until each series of events is over. god will give fresh anointing daily to handle everything that comes into your life.

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Each time you endure a tough day, you can sleep it off and start again the next day. So you may as well enjoy the tough days too, because God’s favor is for a lifetime; weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

Take that and run with it!

From Joyce Meyer  

 Starting Your Day Right

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