Audio Clip Included In Post. Audio©2009 WTLC/Radio One, Inc. The day after Indianapolis/Marion County voters overwhelmingly approved the building of a new Wishard Hospital, Health and Hospital Corporation CEO Matt Gutwein came to Afternoons with Amos to thank the community for their support. Gutwein explain the next steps and that work on the project would begin in a matter of weeks.

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Voters overwhelmingly approved the referendum in the most one sided election results in Indianapolis history. With all 590 precincts counted, 55,485 voted “Yes” or 83.9% while 9,665 voted “No”; or 14.6%. The remaining 1.5% were spoiled or blank ballots.

In thirty-three precincts scattered in eight of the county’s nine townships, the vote for Wishard was unanimous.

The highest support for the referendum was in Pike Township where 92.0% of those voting were in favor, while 91.2% of Washington Township voters were in favor. Other township’s level of support for the Wishard Referendum: Center Township – 89.7%; Lawrence Township – 82.3%, Warren Township – 85.9%; Wayne Township – 82.9%.  The three southside townships had the lowest percentage of voter support for Wishard. But that support was still of landslide proportions. Just 80.0% of Decatur Township voters were in favor, with 74.2% of Perry Township voters supportive and 69.2% of Franklin Township voters.

Overall voter turnout was 11.3% of the city/county’s 583,073 registered voters.