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As college and graduate school students turn the tassels on their graduation caps, many will instantly find themselves without health insurance — even in Massachusetts with its insurance mandate. Some students were insured through their school policies, which run out after graduation.

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Consider staying on a parent’s plan. The Affordable Care Act now mandates that employer health plans cover their employee’s young adult children until age 26 even if they’re no longer dependents — though some companies may have been granted a waiver from this coverage if they had their old plans grandfathered in.

But do a little comparison shopping first. Take a look at what insurance plans costs. There may be more affordable ones around you

Make sure any plan offers in-network doctors in the state where you now reside. While it may have made sense for, say, a Harvard student to travel back to Michigan for annual physicals and twice-yearly dental exams during summer vacation and winter break, that may not work so well after graduation when “home” is no longer with the parents.

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