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The Episcopal church is a church of many interesying practices.The word “Episcopal” is Greek in origin and comes from the Greek word for Bishop “episkopos.” An Episcopalian is one who has been confirmed and chooses to worship in the Episcopal Church which takes its heritage from the Church of England.

What Does The AME Church Believe?

They chose the name Episcopal not because we thought it was a neat way to spell “pepsi-cola,” but because we are truly a church governed and pastored by Bishops. The Episcopal Church has as its Presiding Bishop the Most Rev. Dr. Katharine Jefferts Schor.

Religious Worried About NY Same-Sex Marriage Law Underlying Rules

Episcopalians are members of the Episcopal Church in the United States. The Church has it’s origins in Anglicanism and like the Church of England follows a middle path between the Roman Catholic church and true Protestantism.