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Richard Mourdock

Richard Lugar

Facing the most dire political fight of his long career, Sen. Richard Lugar asked and urged African-Americans and other past supporter to “cross over” and vote in Tuesday’s Indiana Republican Primary. But overwhelmingly, listeners on Friday’s Afternoons with Amos live broadcast from Indiana Avenue overwhelmingly rejected Lugar’s appeal. Friday an independent poll showed Lugar was losing badly. The Howey/DePauw University Poll showed Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock getting 48% of the vote of likely Republican primary voters compared to 38% for Lugar.  Six weeks ago, the same pollsters had Lugar ahead 42% to 35%.  Mourdock’s support among Republicans rose 13 points, while Lugar’s fell 4 points. A massive seventeen point swing among likely primary voters. In past general elections, Lugar has received 15% to 25% of the Black vote, but not this time. Black listeners to our program gave as reasons NOT to support Lugar, the controversy of his not owning a home in Indiana; his TV ads attacking President Barack Obama, Lugar’s perceived lack of visibility in the Black community and a feeling Black voters need to support the President and democratic candidates this year.

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