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We are often confronted with the frailty of our human emotion.

One day we are happy, the next day, we are angry and two hours later depressed. As long as these highs and lows exist, we run the risk of injuring the people around us and missing out on precious moments.

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It can make it difficult to actually enjoy life. We all have bad days and occasionally wake up on the wrong side of the bed, that is normal but emotional instability can be dangerous. Like exercise and diet, we must learn to train ourselves emotionally. It is essential that we monitor our emotional diets and begin to cut out the things that are triggering the needless fluctuations in our emotions. For some, counseling may be essential, due to the nature and origin of the hurt that causes us to snap at a moment’s notice. For others, it has been years of saying what we want whenever we want and not being sensitive to the effect our disposition has on others. Some women near the age of menopause often experience an array of feelings both physical and emotional that may be easily treated with the use of hormones.

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Whatever the cause of our emotional ups and down. we must learn to control them. Life is hard enough. Let us use our natural emotions for good, to encourage, to empathize, and to experience this life to the fullest extent.

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