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Summer BBQs are great times to enjoy great food on the grill and socialize with friends and families. A BBQ does not have to cost you lots of money. There are many ways to save on BBQs and still make them fun and enjoyable; this Save Money Monday, let’s explore some.

1. Have guests bring their own meats and foods. If your guests bring their own meats, you do not have to feel obligated to appease everyone. Guests know what they love to eat that is freshly grilled. Whether it be a delicious burger or a wonderful piece of squash or zucchini with those signature grill lines on it, if you ask guests to bring their own main course and you agree to grill it, there is good grilling and wonderful eating goodness for everyone!

2. Be sure to stock up on charcoal. When you find great sales on charcoal, purchase it and store in in a cool dry place. There really isn’t an expiration date for charcoal so you can keep them for next year if needed.

3. Consider asking guests to bring their own drinks or coolers. If you are supplying the meat, then ask guests to bring their own beverages. This allows you to save money on your BBQ and guests will probably love to showcase their summer lemonade at the BBQ! Guests will also enjoy drinking what they love. Whether it be a great sangria with fruit on the bottom or a simple bucket of beer, guests will be more than happy to bring their favorite beverages and share with others.

4. Nix the paper plates and opt to serve your guests your culinary creations on plastic dinnerware. Paper plates may seem like a good idea, and although they are easy to clean, they are not the best way to cut costs during your BBQ. If you have regular BBQs, then you may want to consider some plastic dinnerware. Many companies that make paper products also make plastic products. Choosing to use reusable plastic cuts down on waste and we all know that is better for the environment.

Watch the video below to get additional tips on saving money during your BBQs:

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