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Beach vacations are great ways to spend time with the family or simply take a retreat by yourself away from the world. So how can you have a great time with fun in the sun and save money? This Money Saving Monday, let’s explore some cost-cutting ways to savor the sand.

1. Make a Budget.

What are you willing to spend on lodging and food? Are you allocating money for gifts and souvenirs? When you create a budget, you are less likely to spend in excess. By taking the time to create a vacation budget you will be able to see what expenses you want to pay for an which expenses you would rather not spend too much money on.

2. Your Lodging

Check out what places have great economical packages in terms of lodging. Are you apart of a rewards program that entitles you to free or deeply discounted hotel or motel stays? Check the Internet for great weekly rentals on beach front property. Find where you wish to stay and scout out the area to ensure you are staying somewhere safe, sound, fun and economically festive!

3. Food

When it comes to food, consider saving money by not eating out every day of your vacation. For example. How about bringing a package of steaks, tofu or meats as well as fresh veggies to cook. You are saving time and money. If your temporary living quarters have a kitchen complete with utensils and cooking pans and pots, consider a trip to the grocery store and find the time for fresh, low maintenance foods. Raw foods are great and so are pre-packaged foods as well. Sandwiches for lunch and a fresh fruit bowl are great and a nice steak and salad for dinner is stellar.

4. Beach Rentals

Another way to save money during your beach vacation is look at the cost of beach rentals like umbrellas, lounge chairs and bicycles. Can you load these items up in your car and save some money? How about a great pair of headphones, a nice pair of walking shoes and a mp3 player for a great walk around the beach or the property?

5. Transportation

Beach vacations usually allow beach goers the opportunity to walk or bike to destinations. So save the car for the return trip home. This way, if you fill up as you arrive to your destination, you do not have to continue to put gas in your car during your beach vacation. Can you walk to the coffee house using the beach as a short cut? Can you jog over to the cafe for a fresh bowl of fruit for a snack? Consider walking to your destinations during your vacation. Not only will you save money and gas, but you will have some great exercise as well.

What are some ways that you save money when you travel to the beach? Leave comments below.

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