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Cicely C. Mitchell

We are all looking for ways to save money these days. In an economy that is challenging all of us to rethink the way we live, save and spend our hard earned dollars, it’s important for all of us to save money and consider our financial futures with true and clear perspective. This “Save Money Monday” post is the first in a three part series that details ways to save money.

1. Cook at home and cook at home often!

Spending money eating out can certainly add up if you are doing in numerous times a week. So it’s best to catch sales at grocery stores and stock up on perishables and foods when there are great prices on it. Perhaps you and/or your family can begin with the habit of cooking at home once twice a week and slowly increase the frequency until you find a balance between saving money and eating at wonderful restaurants. You can even make the preparation of meals an event for your children or even make it time you spend with your family. Great talks can happen over the cutting of vegetables!

2. Do you really need to visit that coffee shop?

Coffee houses are very popular and they offer an array of delicious lattes, mocha and coffees that are brewed and made to perfection. But the average cup of those wonderful creations can cost a pretty penny! If your favorite milk chocolate mocha costs you $5.00, and you pick one of those tasty treats three to four times a week, you are spending $15 to $20 a week on coffee treats.; that also translates into $80 to sometimes $100 a month. For that amount of money, you can make your own coffee at home, and really cut costs; think about it.

3. Bring that lunch to work!

This tip is perhaps in correlation with tip one. Preparing lunches at home nowadays is quick and easy. You can always find great deals on steamed bowls of pasta, rice and vegetables that require a microwave visit of no more than 5 minutes. And think of the joy of having that wonderful turkey sandwich, apple and chips on hand. Spending money on lunch at restaurants and in-building cafes can really add up. So consider bringing that great lunch to work; your wallet will thank you!

4. Make a list before you go shopping.

Lists are great ways to save money. Lists give you perimeters when you are on a budget. You walk around your home and jot down the things you need. Is it toilet paper? Do you need paper towel? Is it time for more soap? Staples such as those should be written down. If you go shopping without a “blueprint” you are more prone to spend excessively. A shopping list helps you gauge what you have to spend and you can better gauge your expenses.

Need a little help? Consider visiting the “Texas Saves” website and find out ways you can save money today!

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