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Cenetarians are a rare breed. How are they able to do it? Here are a few longevity secrets of the older and wiser.

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They manage stress

Beat stress using healthy methods such as meditation and exercise. It can help lower your risk for heart disease, stroke and cancer.

They work their minds

Engage in activities that are new and challenging at least twice a week. They can include learning a new subject, playing against someone in chess or Scrabble, and solving tricky crossword or Sudoku puzzles. Such pastimes strengthen the brain and might help ward off memory loss and dementia.

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They eat their vegetables

Be a flexitarian: Eat mostly plants. Diets high in fresh fruit and vegetables and fiber, as well as monounsaturated fat in moderation, are associated with cardiovascular health and longevity. Save meat for special occasions; focus instead on legumes, whole grains and fish. Avoid saturated fat (easy on the cheese!) and trans fat, drink water instead of sugary beverages and maintain a healthy body weight.

They get regular checkups

Schedule a yearly medical exam with your general practitioner. It should include a blood-pressure check, age- and gender-appropriate screenings and an analysis of your risk factors.

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