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In his eight years, Mitch Daniels has been called “brilliant”, “ruthless”, “innovative”, “insensitive,” the “best” and among the “worst” Governors in Indiana history.  But you can’t say that in his two terms Gov. Mitch Daniels didn’t try to accomplish a lot, do more, create change than any Indiana Governor, democrat or Republican in decades.

Gov. Daniels sat down with me numerous times on our radio show (even on our old WDNI-TV Show) over the past eight years. You can see some photos of us the past eight years.

I sat down with Governor Daniels (with other Indiana radio and print media) and talked with him about his legacy and accomplishments and regrets in a wide ranging “exit interview”. Among the subjects the Governor talked about that you won’t hear or read in other media’s “final interviews” with the Governor was Daniels’ views on how the GOP can regain the votes of African-Americans; why did Dr. Tony Bennett, who piloted many of Daniels’ education reforms, lose in November, what ideas didn’t work during his eight years.

Daniels also commented for the first time on the role he played in helping convince President George W. Bush to attend and speak at the 2005 Indiana Black Expo.  And the impact Mr. Bush’s speech might have had with African-Americans if it hadn’t been for Hurricane Katrina a month later. Like him or not, Mitch Daniels had a profound impact on Indiana the past eight years. Our “exit interview” gives you some insight into his thinking and how he sees his state and his role in his state. Click the Link to Hear our Interview with Gov. Mitch Daniels. Runs 40 Minutes. ©2012 WTLC/Radio One.

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