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At one time he was the most feared man in America. Hounded and spied on by J. Edgar Hoover’s infamous FBI COINTELPRO program. Bound and gagged in a Chicago courtroom as one of the original Chicago 8 defendants in a Trial of the Century.  But he also instituted programs to get people employed, feed the hungry, solve people’s problems. He inspired a generation of young men and women, Black, white, brown, red many of whom are now elected officials in their communities. Even Members of Congress.  He is Bobby Seale, lead founder of the Black Panthers.  I had the privilege of talking live with Seale and having our Afternoons with Amos audience hear about Seale’s life and causes. What made the Black Panthers? How did an engineer, a man working on the Gemini space program leave that secure profession and become an activist? What can we learn from Seale’s movement today to help improve African-American communities?  Seale is appearing in Indy on January 20th at the annual IUPUI Black Student Union Dr. MLK Dinner.  When you hear our interview with Bobby Seale you will come away with a new and different perspective of this man and his movement.  Click the Link To Hear Bobby Seale Interview. Runs 26 Minutes. ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.