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Andrew Campanella is President of National School Choice Week and a passionate advocate for giving parents power to choose the schools their children should attend.  But in an interview on Afternoons with Amos Campanella said that Indianapolis shouldn’t have 11 different school districts. Campanella said that Indy should have “one school district” with a greatly reduced number of administrations. A district that would give parents full choice to pick the best school for their children’s education. Campanella’s surprising idea marks the first time that a major national school reform and school choice leader thought that Indianapolis public education system of eleven different school districts within one city didn’t make sense.  Also in the interview Campanella talked about school choice and why its important.  Campanella also said that charter schools and school choice options shouldn’t just be in inner city or minority neighborhoods.  Campanella said that there should be choice options “in all neighborhoods”.  For more info on National School Choice Week Click –National School Choice Week Website

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