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Christian Hip Hop artist, LeCrae, has been on a mission.  His mission is steep, to reach young people for Christ through his music and make Christian Hip Hop relevant again. The genre has long been ridiculed by many and taken seriously by few.  In the early days of Christian Rap and Hip hop, most artists came across less polished lyrically and musically than their secular peers.

The Houston native started rapping at the age of 8 and was influenced by Tupac, Nas, Dj Quik, Scarface and others. LeCrae kept working on his craft and wanted Chris to be at the center of his music. He dropped his debut album in 2004 entitled, “Real Talk”. Since then LeCrae has been winning over fans in both Christian and mainstream worlds alike. He made a huge step in his career at the 55 Annual Grammy Awards earlier this year winning “Best Gospel Album”.

This is an impressive achievement for any Christian artist, but for a rapper to win this award is exceptionally rare.  The hard work and dedication was paying off, however he never lost perspective of why he was making music. LeCrae tweeted this when his song “Gravity” went #1 on Itunes, “Dear Hip-Hop, this didn’t happen because of swag, drug references, or stripper anthems. #Godisgood”.

LeCrae has made other headlines for not being afraid to speak his heart to other artists, such as secular gangsta rapper, The Game. He texted The Game asking about his motivations behind his new record, “Jesus Pieces”. He was able to respectfully have a open dialogue with his peers which is sometimes necessary and a good example to set for young people that it’s ok and possible to discuss differences together in a positive way.

The Game went on to say of the event, “I explained my vision and what I was doing, and at the end of the text we didn’t necessarily agree but I told him good luck on his path and he wished me good luck on mine.”

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