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In his unvarnished portrayal of life and faith and their accompanying tensions, a Christian rapper has stirred debate over whether he crossed the line by using the taboo n-word and b-word.

In his latest album, Talented Xth, Amisho “Sho Baraka” Lewis, 33, comments on social issues like racism, abortion and commercialism with a Christian worldview and an aggressive angst-addled tone which forces you to listen to his lyrics and not just rock to the beat behind his music.

In track nine of the 14-track album title “Jim Crow” a.k.a “N***a Island,” however, Sho Baraka rails against the oppressive nature of racism, referencing the n-word and the b-word as noted in edited excerpts from his song below:


I feel I’m trapped in a crazy place.

Asking the Lord for amazing grace.

I see the masses wanna change me.

I’m waiting for someone to save me

Until then, until then.

(2 x)

I guess I’m stuck here on n***a island.

Yeah, when n***a’s be wildin’.

Yeah, and color is violence.

Yeah, moment of silence.

That lady you call hope, that’s my lover

That woman you call “b***h”, that’s my mother

In a rush of reactions to the album which was released in January, however, many have decried Sho Baraka’s approach.

“If he really wants to drive home that message, he would start by not using that repulsive N word at all. Period,” said Akira on CNN’s religion blog.

Others have praised the artist for his bravery in addressing controversial issues in his music and argue that his critics are missing the point.

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