Indiana Governor Mike Pence visited Afternoons with Amos to talk with Amos and listeners about a wide range of issues.  In his first visit to the program as Governor, Pence discussed a number of leading issues affecting Indiana, though time and again the Governor returned to what he said was the top issue for Hoosiers which is “jobs.  The Governor talked about his proposal to cut personal income taxes by 10%. An idea that’s faced opposition from his own Republican Party. The Governor said the plan is still part of discussions with the Legislature and he hopes that it will be part of the final budget.,  This week a House Committee approved placing an armed employee of a school district or law enforcement officer in every Indiana public school.  The Governor said strongly that it is important that Indiana’s school children are protected from a tragedy like Newtown. And he was committed to making sure that happens. On jobs, Gov. Pence is concerned that despite Indiana adding private sector jobs, over a quarter million Hoosiers are out of work. The Governor said that Indiana needs to focus on bringing to the state and developing the traditional types of jobs, in manufacturing, in agriculture, in life sciences, in transportation that Indiana has been known for in the effort to put Hoosiers to work. Mr. Pence also defended his administrations job development efforts. Gov. Pence revealed that next week (Week of Apr 8th) he will sign into law his proposal that calls for having career and vocation education efforts in every Indiana high school. He looks forward with schools and employers and companies working together to open pathways for young people. But the Governor also strongly believes that for those students who want to higher education should be available for those that want to pursue college. On the environment in response to a caller, Gov. Pence talked about the battle between the EPA and industries that burn coal with Mr. Pence on the side of having more flexibility to utilize that Indiana resource. In response to a question from Amos and a listener, Gov. Pence talked about his opposition to reducing penalties for those using or dealing marijuana. The Governor expressed support for efforts to streamline Indiana’s criminal code, but expressed his opposition to easing some drug laws. At the same time, Gov. Pence revealed that his administration and the Department of Corrections are working on a package of proposals that in the Governor’s words “really combat recidivism”.  On the contentious issue of Medicaid expansion, Pence stressed that those currently eligible will still be covered and could increase by an additional 90,000. But Gov. Pence insists that additional Medicaid expansion should be through Indiana’s HIP (Healthy Indiana Plan). On the battle over potential changes to Indianapolis’ UniGov system, the Governor said the subject came up with members of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus at a reception he held with them at the Governor’s residence this week.  He said he’s “still keeping an open mind” on the issue. And Gov. Pence who speaks at the annual April 4th Kennedy/King commemoration in Indianapolis talked about the significance of Sen. Robert Kennedy’s Indianapolis speech the night Dr. King was assassinated.  Click the Link Below To Hear the Full Afternoons with Amos Interview with Gov. Mike Pence. Runs 34 Minutes ©2013 WTLC/Radio One. AWA GOV MIKE PENCE INTERVIEW 040313

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