The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for Wednesday, June 17, 2015.  (This Story Interview Starts At 3:14 Mark On PODCAST Media Player) It’s the biggest accomplishment of Gov. Mike Pence’s tenure as Governor.  The agreement he struck with President Barack Obama and the Department of Health and Human Services to expand Medicaid in Indiana under the […]

The future of President Barack Obama‘s landmark health care law and same-sex marriage hang in abeyance as the Supreme Court’s term draws rapidly to a…

Running for a fourth term in Congress, Rep.Andre Carson, a candidates for the Democratic nomination for 7th District Congress appeared on Afternoons with Amos to take questions about his campaign from Amos and more importantly from listeners. Rep. Carson talked issues ranging from helping veterans, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, jobs, the Federal deficit and spending. […]

They’re not the famed “Gladiators” of TV’s Scandal, but they are men and women trained to help solve a problem – getting you the facts about the the Affordable Care Act and getting you signed up for one of the new health insurance plans through the Federal Marketplace Exchange.  These helpers are called Navigators and […]

On the eve of Indiana Black Expo and with community concerned about violence in Indianapolis and other Indiana cities and the fall out of the Trayvon Martin case, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence visited Afternoons with Amos.  In his most extended interview on the program since becoming Governor, Pence talked with Amos and listeners on a […]

As the Indiana Legislature enters its crucial final two weeks, Afternoons with Amos broadcast live from the State House talking with numerous legislators about issues still left unresolved.  Major issues include how to deal with falling revenues at Indiana’s gambling casinos and horse racing tracks. Whether the State should provide dollars to help pay for […]

Indiana Governor Mike Pence visited Afternoons with Amos to talk with Amos and listeners about a wide range of issues.  In his first visit to the program as Governor, Pence discussed a number of leading issues affecting Indiana, though time and again the Governor returned to what he said was the top issue for Hoosiers […]

Cutting Medicaid as a cost-saving measure would overlook a large majority of Black and Latino people with serious health needs, says a new report.

CHARLESTON, S.C.–A Charleston man is fighting a battle most men never imagine that they might endure. Raymond Johnson, 26, was diagnosed with breast cancer about a month ago, after pain from a lump in his chest sent him to the emergency room. Though Johnson has a job laying tile, he does not make enough to […]