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It’s called sex trafficking.  Child prostitution.  Young girls, not just teens, but younger than teens lured into prostitution and worse. It’s a world wide problem.  It’s modern day slavery.  But its not just a problem among Europeans and Asians.  It’s a problem that strikes at home, in many African-American communities across the country. Maybe even here in Indianapolis.  Michael Cory Davis is an actor and filmmaker.  He’s made it a passion to help speak out about the sins and evils of child trafficking and child and teen prostitution, especially among African-American women. Davis, whose produced two documentaries on this harrowing subject appeared on Afternoons with Amos to help educate the Black community about this serious human rights problem.  Davis talked about the problem which in his words is not only exploitation and slavery but abuse – abuse of women, abuse of children.  Reducing people to their lowest moral condition. Depriving people of their rights, their freedom their self esteem.  Davis urged the community to become aware of the problem and deal with it.  Davis works with other on a website   that helps educate the community about the issue.  Amos’ interview with Michael Cory Davis is a must hear for families, young people, everyone in our community.  Click the Arrow To Hear the Interview. Runs 39 Minutes. ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.