Aaliyah Hall Bell vanished in South Carolina while walking two blocks to visit her godmother.


A Change.org petition urging the Associated Press to stop using the term “child prostitution” has gained traction on social media, with entertainers, journalists and activists…


The uncle of a 13-year-old Brooklyn girl saved the teenager and her friend from prostitution by posing as a customer after the two were convinced…


As the world mobilizes to safely bring home 276 Nigerian girls who were kidnapped from their school in Chibok, Nigeria on April 14, the subject…

It’s called sex trafficking.  Child prostitution.  Young girls, not just teens, but younger than teens lured into prostitution and worse. It’s a world wide problem.  It’s modern day slavery.  But its not just a problem among Europeans and Asians.  It’s a problem that strikes at home, in many African-American communities across the country. Maybe even […]

Daily Bread

This is ridiculous!  How are young people making so many bad pimps over 27 billion dollars!  We must pray against this appetite against kids internationally.  God bless the babies that are being abused and pimped out.  We are so thankful for rescuing and setting these young people free. click here to read more!

The End It Movement, a coalition of organizations fighting to end human slavery, led by Pastor Louie Giglio of Passion City Church in Atlanta, has posted a powerful new video showcasing a group of sex slaves being driven around a transparent bus, prompting shocked reactions from onlookers. “We are here to shine a light on […]