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Great Artcle from Relevant Magazine by author BY DEBRA K FILETA.

After interviewing several Godly men, she found out what they were looking for in a Godly woman!

So here ya go:

1. Realness- Reveal your real natural beauty and also be your natural self. Dont try to be something  you are not.

2. Confidence-  There is something ver attractive about a confident woman who believes in herself.  A woman who is confident knows who she is and what she believes. She believes in herself, and knows she is valuable standing alone.

3.Beauty-To a real man, beauty and attraction are defined by so much more than physical appearance. Plenty of men are completely turned off by women who are gorgeous on the outside, but hollow on the inside. You have to have true beauty. Not plastic or made all up!

4.Passion- Being passionate means living a life that is purposeful, allowing your heart and life to be guided by things that are meaningful and invested in things that are good. A women with goals and she is pursuing them, that’s attractive.

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