Well if you haven’t heard  customers who shopped at Target stores — anywhere — from Nov. 27 to Dec. 15 may have had their credit card info stolen. Anyone who used any kind of credit or debit card may be affected. However, the store says that it has fixed the problem now, and purchases after Dec. 15 are safe.

Well they want to make it up to you by giving you 10% off this weekend.  Ummmm… not quiet sure if that will make up for it, but sure Target if it makes you feel better.

Also, the company is also offering free credit monitoring services to those affected by the breach.

The theives took credit card data including the customer’s name, credit or debit card numbers, and the cards’ expiration date and the “CVV1” (a security code stored on your card’s magnetic stripe).

Watch your accounts — now AND later: Go online now and see if any charges have been made to your credit or debit cards that you did not authorize. If you see any, immediately call the bank or store to dispute the charges.

You may want to cancel your card and get issued a new one.

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