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The Rich History of Ambassador Dr. Bobby Jones

Heads for Library of Congress


Washington, D.C.Ambassador Dr. Bobby Jones has been selected for Oral History participation from African Americans to be exhibited in the Library of Congress.


The HistoryMakers is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational institution committed to preserving and making widely accessible the untold personal stories of both well-known and unsung African Americans through a collection of thousands of video oral life histories. With over 2,500 interviews, and over 9,000 hours of footage, it is the largest archive of its kind in the world. Previous interviewees include Barack Obama, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ursula Burns, Berry Gordy, Harry Belafonte, and many, many more. We’re thrilled to include your story among them!


HistoryMakers interviews are comprehensive life histories, beginning with the subject’s earliest childhood memories, and then moving chronologically through his or her school years and early career, up to the present day. It is a single camera set up, with the focus exclusively on the subject, divided into half-hour segments based on theme and subject. The result of the session will be transcribed and segmented, then uploaded onto our digital archives, where it can be viewed on our website. It will also be sent to the Library of Congress, where it will join the slave narratives to create an uninterrupted chain of African American oral testimony. Our interviews do not go for sound bites, but rather seek to create both a detailed portrait of each individual, and a substantial historical document, one that will be used by teachers and students for generations to come.