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Video Courtesy WISH-TV/Channel 8

On May 8th around 1:30 in the afternoon, Indianapolis Metro Police IMPD received a report of a man passed out on the corner of 25th and Baltimore on the city’s eastside.  When IMPD responded they found Marcus Jackson lying along the curb seemingly passed out.  What happened in the next minutes has caused a serious firestorm of concern in the community.  Cellphone video recorded by onlookers shows two IMPD officers, Justin Beaton and another female officer using their Tazer weapons against Jackson and kicking him while Jackson was lying on the ground.  The cellphone video, which were short in duration, the most incriminating was just 14 second long, spread widely on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  The video was posted on several media Facebook Pages including the the one for WISH-TV/Channel 8 who aired a story on the incident. On Afternoons with Amos, the Channel 8 story was shared with listeners along with reading the official account of the incident provided by IMPD.  Then listeners and the community weighed in with their very strong feelings on the incident.  It’s alleged by police that Jackson was high on a substance called “wet” which is marijuana laced with a substance resembling PCP, or “angel dust”. AS drug that has been known to make people act literally crazy or like they are possessed with super strength. Listeners were concerned that the kicking of Jackson while he lay on the ground was out of order. But other callers agreed that the police actions may have been justified.  Click the Media Player and Listen to the Community’s Reaction to this latest IMPD incident that many Upset. Runs 50 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.