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CNN’s Bill Weir of CNN Tonight recently ran a must-watch story on Gene Elliot Thornton, formerly known as “Malice” of the now defunct rap duo, The Clipse.

In the gripping 15-minute segment, you will be drawn in by the man that goes by the name “No Malice,” who was once swimming in money, women, fame and immorality, until Christ transformed his life.

As one half of the popular rap group—the other half was his brother Terrence, better known as “Pusha T”—No Malice found success as a gifted rapper spitting rhymes about his dope dealing days.

But the richer he got through The Clipse, the emptier he became and the guiltier he felt about his lack of integrity in his personal life.

“Some people call it a ‘come to Jesus moment’ but this is real transformation,” No Malice told CNN

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