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Rev. Dr. Wayne Moore

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Rev. Dr. Ronald Covington

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Pastor James Jackson

AFTERNOONS WITH AMOS – YOUR LIFE MATTERS WEEK. There’s been a lot of debate and conversation on what Indianapolis churches are or are not doing to help reduce violence in our streets and neighborhoods.  many are concerned that the church isn’t doing enough to engage teens and young adults and providing positive alternatives for them. As Afternoons with Amos began YOUR LIFE MATTERS Week, we talked with three Indianapolis Pastors about their unique collaborations that are trying to put young teens and young adults to work. To give them hope, positive self esteem and put some money in their pockets.  The programs are called SOS or Save Our Seed and Clean For Green.  They are efforts of churches on Indianapolis’ far east side, west side and northwest side.  Appearing on the program were the Rev. Dr. Wayne Moore, Pastor of Olivet Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. Ronald Covington of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church and Rev. Dr. James Jackson of Fervent Prayer Church.  The three Pastors talked about their efforts that are trying to employ hundreds of teens and youth this summer.  Their SOS and Clean For Green efforts are grassroots.  While they are getting some financial assistance from the City, they’re not getting help from the corporate community.  Instead they are relying on financial support from the community, though a series of church musicals and services during June. In a spirited conversation with Amos and listeners, Pastors Moore, Covington and Jackson talked about what the church is doing and role they and the community must play to help reduce violence in Indianapolis.  Click the Media Player to Hear this Fascinating Interview from Three Pastors On What Can Be Done. Runs 67 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.