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IMPD Officer Perry RennIn the aftermath of the murder of IMPD Officer Perry Renn and the violence in Broad Ripple, tensions may be rising in the community. During a special Afternoons with Amos to get the community’s feelings, listeners called in expressing their deep sympathy and condolences to the Police Department and family of Officer Renn, the 21 year IMPD veteran killed in a shootout Saturday night.  Congressman Andre Carson was interviewed live by Amos and expressed strong anger at the “outrageous” conduct and level of violence in the city and said that the time had come for this level of violence and behavior to stop.  Major Davis JrThree members of the alleged assailant Major Davis Jr.’s family called in and were interviewed live. Including Davis’ mom. Several listeners raised concerns over why the 25 year old Davis, who was convicted once of a drug misdemeanor, who had no previous arrests for any violent behavior, only illegal drug possessions and dealing, would have grabbed an AK-47 type assault rifle and exchanged shots with the officer killing him.  Other were greatly concerned about the rise in illegal weapons in the city.  Others discussed the use of military style AK-47 weapons in the hands of civilians. Many were distressed over the rising level of violence in Indianapolis and an increasing intolerance by young people towards society.  Still others expressed concern about complaints from Major Davis’ family.  In 2003, young Davis’ father, Major Davis, Sr. suffered a heart attack while in police custody.  At the time the coroner said the elder Davis’ death was because of a heart attack, brought on by stress and agitation during his arrest.  But Davis’ family strongly disputed that and felt that he had been “murdered” by police.  But lawsuits were never initiated and complaints never made to the US Justice Department.  There’s is also widespread negative reaction to an interview members of the younger Davis’ family gave WISH-TV/Channel 8 concerning their side of the story.  And listeners were upset at reports that Davis’ family were asked to leave Eskenazi Hospital after they arrived after the shooting to see about their family member. In a live phone call, Major Davis’ mom told Amos and listeners her distress at not being able to see her son or get information on his condition.  Click the Media Players Below to Hear the Full Program of Community Reaction on the Indy’s Violent Week. And Hear Amos’ Interview with Rep. Andre Carson and with Major Davis’ mother and his two aunts. ©2014 WTLC/Radio One. Discussion on Indy’s Weekend Violence – Part 1  Runs 51 Minutes. Discussion on Indy’s Weekend Violence – Part 2  – Runs 35 Minutes   Rep. Andre Carson Reacts to Indy’s Weekend Violence Runs 8 Minutes   Major Davis’ Mom and Aunts Live Phone Interview With Amos Runs 23 Minutes