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Marlon Marshall

In an exclusive Afternoons with Amos interview,a top aide to President Barack Obama informed the Indianapolis community about some positive additions to the Affordable Care Act. And briefed the community on the President’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative to help young men of color, especially African-Americans.   Marlon Marshall is Special Assistant to the President and Principal Deputy Director of Public Engagement for the Obama Administration. Marshall wanted Indianapolis to know about a new in health care initiative called #Bornin88.  Simply put it #Bornin88 means that when young people who are currently being carried on their parents health insurance reach their 26th birthday, they can immediately sign up for insurance on their own under the Affordable Care Act.  Marshall told listeners that when young people reach 26, they don’t have to wait for the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment period this fall.  They can go to HealthCare.Gov right away and sign up.  Marlon Marshall also told Afternoons with Amos listeners about another Affordable Care Act benefit.  If an individual leaves (voluntarily or otherwise) from a job where they had health insurance, they can also immediately go to HealthCare.Gov and sign up for health insurance.  Insurance that would be far cheaper than coverage under COBRA.

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President Obama at My Brothers Keeper Town Hall July 21st

Recently Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard attended a White House conference on the President’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative.  Since the Mayor had shared no details of what was learned to our Black community, Amos asked Marlon Marshall to talk briefly about the initiative and how it would help young Black men in Indianapolis. Asked about the fact that the Indianapolis Public Schools has signed up to participate in My Brother’s Keeper, but the majority of the city/county’s school districts hadn’t, Marshall was asked about what plans the Administration had for engaging them.  Amos also asked Marlon Marshall that since My Brother’s Keeper was designed to help primarily African-American young boys and men, when would the Obama Administration reach out and engage the nation’s Black media outlets and organizations in the My Brother’s Keeper Effort.  Click the Media Player to hear Afternoons with Amos Interview With White House Aide Marlon Marshall.  Runs 14 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.