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Every 26 seconds in the U.S. a student drops out of school.

This costs taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars in lost revenue, health care, welfare and often incarceration costs for those who have lost their way.

This year, 7.5 million students will miss a month or more of school, and only 49% of these students will graduate high school.

The days of earning a living wage without a high school diploma are long gone. Students who drop out earn significantly less than their graduating peers, are more likely to be convicted of a crime, and are less likely to fulfil their potential.

Usher has decided that he was going to get into the fight and save a generation.

The below interview was conducted at the Radio One and Frequency News urban artist showcase, The Blitz 

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Usher has the proof that His Way works. Here are the stats:

  • Students who participate in Usher’s New Look achieve 100% graduation rates
  • 98% of New Look participants go on to Higher Education and Job Placement
  • The New Look Effect: 100% of these youth will go on to pay it forward as mentors of youth in their communities. By investing in Usher’s New Look youth today, you are paving the way to success for many generations to come; you are creating a better future.

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