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lula patton

Trustee Lula Patton

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Renee Pack

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Trustee Eugene Akers

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Vernon Brown

Candidates for six Marion County Township Trustees appeared on the September 16th edition of Candidate Tuesdays on Afternoons with Amos.  In Indiana the position of Township Trustee is responsible for the following: Township Trustees are the administrator of emergency assistance within their township. They are responsible for the oversight and care of all poor individuals in the township as long as those persons remain in the trustee’s charge.

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Sally Spiers

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Donald (Jeff) Hartling


Trustee Andy Harris

alonzo anderson

Alonzo Anderson

Township Trustees also have responsibility for maintaining abandoned cemeteries in the state. They may also administer public cemeteries that are either established by the township as a public cemetery or given to the township by a cemetery association prior to 1939. Finally in Pike and Wayne Townships in Marion County, Township Trustees are responsible for providing the primary firefighting service, including creating, maintaining and operating an independent Fire Department to serve the township. Appearing on Afternoons with Amos were Republican and Democratic candidates for Trustee in Center, Lawrence, Pike, Warren, Washington and Wayne Townships.  In the first hourlong segment, Republican incumbent Wayne Township Trustee Andy Harris was joined by Republican candidates Sally Spiers (Center) and Donald “Jeff” Hartling (Lawrence). Alonzo Anderson, the Pike Township Trustee Republican candidate, couldn’t break away from his firefighting duties to be present and a statement was read on his behalf. Republican candidates Michael Heady (Warren) and Matthew Smith (Washington) were invited but didn’t respond. In the second hourlong segment, Democratic incumbent Township Trustees Eugene Akers (Center) and Lula Patton (Pike) were joined by C. Renee Pack (Wayne); Steve Talley (Lawrence) and Vernon Brown (Warren). Frank Short (Washington) had talked about his campaign for Trustee during an earlier interview about ending his race for Mayor. In the discussion with the candidates for Township Trustee, a number of issues were addressed. The candidates for Wayne and Pike Township Trustee were asked about whether they would merge their fire departments into the Indianapolis Fire Department.  Trustee Patton and Harris said no.  Candidate Pack also said she wouldn’t merge the departments, while Candidate Anderson’s website implies that he would.  All the candidates talked in various stages about the problems of providing poor relief to residents of their township.  The high levels of poverty in the six townships, especially in Center, Wayne and Warren have put pressure on poor relief efforts. Candidates were asked what happens if the recovery continues to stall in many Indianapolis neighborhoods. What happens is neighborhoods are plagued with stagnant incomes and high unemployment. A MAJOR topic among listeners through their calls was strong concern about how decisions are made by the Trustees and their intake staff.  Why people in need are turned down.  The issue of how people are treated by Township Trustee staff was raised repeatedly.  The candidates, challengers and incumbents, pledged to improve and insist on quality customer service. That persons applying for poor relief shouldn’t be talked down to or mistreated.  The Democratic candidates directly addressed the repeated attempts to eliminate township government and reinforced why township govern ent was necessary and needed.  Click the Media Players to Hear Afternoons with Amos Candidate Tuesdays With Candidates For Township Trustee in Marion County. ©2014 WTLC/Radio One. Republican Candidates Interviews Runs 53 Minutes.   

Democratic Candidates Interviews Runs 49 Minutes.