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7th District Republican Candidate Catherine (Cat) Ping

The situation in Iraq and Syria with the United States and allies up against the ISIS terrorist group was one of the subjects that came up on Afternoons with Amos as Catherine (Cat) Ping, the Republican candidate for 7th District Congress appeared on the program to talk about the issues in her campaign.  The 7th District is solely within Indianapolis/Marion County. Comprising all of Center Wayne, Warren, Decatur, Perry and Franklin Townships and major portions of Pike, Washington, Lawrence Townships. In the interview Ping, a 30+ year veteran of the Army, retiring as a Lt. Colonel, talked about American policy dealing with ISIS. Ping said we shouldn’t have set a timetable for withdrawing American troops from Iraq.  In the interview, Ping covered a lot of issues from raising the minimum wage, to providing job opportunities. Asked whether she supported “Obamacare”, Ping said she agreed with “portions” of the law, but opposed most of it. Ping strongly believes that there’s waste in the Federal government and that waste should be dealt with before cutting key domestic and military programs.  Several callers brought up Right-to-Work legislation.  Ping said that she wasn’t necessarily in favor of Right-to-Work, but complained that she been trying to talk to union members but the “unions” were making it difficult for her to do so.  Ping acknowledged that there’s lots of apathy towards the November 4 election, and she encouraged Afternoons with Amos listeners to vote.  Click the Media Player to hear the Afternoons with Amos Interview With Republican 7th District Congress candidate Catherine (Cat) Ping. Runs 36 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.