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REP. ANDRE CARSON RESPONDS TO HIS APPOINTMENT TO HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE!  In a live interview, Rep. Andre Carson commented on his appointment to the House Select Committee on Intelligence.  The Interview was done during Afternoons with Amos first live broadcast of 2015 from the Indiana Legislature.  During the Interview Rep. Carson explained his new responsibilities on this critical committee and the importance of someone of his Faith serving in that sensitive position.  During the interview, Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma joined in to congratulate Rep. Carson and share some brief thoughts on Indiana’s 2015 legislative session.  Click the Media Player to hear Rep. Carson’s response to his now serving on the House Intelligence Committee.  Runs 10 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One.     PREVIOUSLY REPORTED DETAILS! Rep. Andre Carson has now officially announced that he has been named to serve on the House Select Committee on Intelligence. The appointment was announced by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who said, “As the only Member of Congress to have served in a Department of Homeland Security Fusion Center, Congressman Carson’s historic appointment brings new perspectives, practical experience, strong leadership, and proven dedication to fighting terrorism and protecting our country.” In accepting this new responsibility, Carson said,  “I am honored to be selected to serve on this distinguished committee at a time when our country continues to face great challenges at home and abroad. This Committee plays a critical role in the fight against terrorism and the protection of our national security. As a member, I am committed to keeping Hoosiers and all Americans safe, standing up for their privacy, and ensuring our intelligence agencies are operating effectively.” This select committee is charged with oversight of the United States Intelligence Community, which includes the intelligence and intelligence-related activities of the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, and more than a dozen other elements of the US Government, as well as the Military Intelligence Program. Carson is the first Muslim to sit on the committee. EARLIER POST: Earlier a story published Tuesday (Jan 13th) in an influential Washington political publication.  Politico reported Tuesday that the four term Congressman from Indiana’s 7th District is in line to be appointed to the House Select Committee on Intelligence.  In a story written by Politico Reporter Lauren French, the website magazine said that “(House) Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced in a closed door meeting” that “she would name Carson to the “House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence”. The Politico story reported that Carson, one of just two Muslim’s serving in the Congress, would be the first person of his faith to serve on that critical committee.


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

The Politico story also quoted a “senior Democratic aide” as saying that the official announcement would be made “in the coming days”.  One of the ways of Washington is top officials leaking information of key appointments to Washington-based media as a test to see what reaction, especially negative, might occur about a particular appointment.  The House Intelligence Committee will be dealing with a number of highly sensitive subject in the next session of Congress.  Including, according to Politico the situation in the Ukraine and continuing problems of Islamic militants. That may explain the leak to Politico and the firm no comments by Carson staffers. Click Here To Read The Full Politico Story About Rep. Andre Carson. POLITICO STORY ON MAYBE REP. ANDRE CARSON NAME TO INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE